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It is common belief that “all Indian food is curry” and “all curries are hot”. We at SATGURU’s would like to clear this myth!! Curry is a gravy. A combination of various herbs and spices to make a flavoured, aromatic base for a variety of fish, poultry, meat and vegetables, Curries offer you tastes and aromas which are diverse and unusual, ranging from the absolutely fiery to delicately sublime. All curries do not taste alike. Another misconception is that “all curres are hot, spicy and rich.” In fact the curry will be as spicy and rich as one chooses to make it, depending on the amount of chillies used. The rich ingredients can be toned down without affecting the flavour, aroma or the texture of the curry.

A Tandoor ls a comical clay oven fired by Charcoal. Meat boiled over smoulderlng charcoal gives a unique sublime smokey flavour, retaining its natural juices, making away the fat, making the food fat free and healthy. Meats are cleaned after excecs fat is trimmed off and ara marinaned overnight in a special Tandoori marination. The Tandoori marination is usually a combinaton of freshly ground spices like coriander, cumin, bay leaf, cinamon, cloves, cardamom, mace etc. and blended with yoghurt, saffron, ginger garlic and chilli. The proportion of these herbs and spices rnay vary from meat to meat, from dish to dish and even from chef to chef. This marinated also was gives the meat succulant tanderness. Many Ieavanad and unleavend breads are also baked in the Tandoor such as Naan, Roti, Garlic Naan and Paratha

To serve traditional Indian food in a way no other has ever done before and to be Australia’s leading Indian food operators by exceeding our customer’s expectations.

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